Josh Fraim

Josh Fraim

For a person with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, adjusting to the world of work is a challenge. But with a team of people from Goodwill, the Full Access Brokerage (FAB) program, and the Oregon Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (OVRS), 34-year-old Josh Fraim has blossomed at his new job.

Jeff Fields has worked with Josh for three years through FAB and calls Josh, “A great kid who knows what he wants out of life, and knows how to access the supports he needs to get it.” Jeff assisted Josh getting a situational work assessment at Goodwill Industries to determine Josh’s work strengths and barriers.

During Josh’s two week assessment, Josh showed a great ability to learn and perform a variety of tasks. Having successfully completed his assessment, Josh poured himself into finding a community job. Job search is hard work, but this did not deter him from diligently working with Goodwill’s job developers. He secured a job at Sears, stocking merchandise in the tool department. Goodwill, FAB, OVRS and Josh’s supervisor all together developed a plan to get Josh the support he needed to succeed.

With the added support, Josh is learning systems to save him time and effort when stocking new products, to take initiative so he is always busy, and to stock end caps correctly. With this focus and success, Josh has changed his behaviors and he has been rewarded with more hours and responsibility. And if Josh gets his way he may even learn how to operate the cash register.

Josh is continuing to grow, needing less support and become more proficient at his job. Because of the cooperation between Goodwill, FAB and OVRS, his support team will continue to ensure that Josh has the chances he needs to continue to learn, grow and change.

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