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What is the Prosperity Center?
The goal of the Prosperity Center is to empower you to get to where you want to be. We start by asking you to share your goals and dreams. Then we help you create plans to make those dreams become reality. Whether you want to go to school, provide for your family, own a house, get a job or get a better job; this program will guide you to the resources it takes to increase earnings, reduce financial costs and generate financial stability for yourself and your family.

This is a free service offered in partnership with United Way of Lane County and other local organizations. As a Prosperity Center member you will receive the skills needed to move up in the labor market. You will also be empowered to improve access to the financial mainstream where you can make the most of the money you do have.

What Services Do Members Receive? 
As a Prosperity Center member you will have access to a Prosperity Planner. Together, you will develop a plan to help achieve success and generate new financial capability. Prosperity Planners will assist you to achieve success in a variety of areas including:

  • Helping you get a job, or move up to a better job.
  • Providing access to training and education programs for yourself or your family.
  • Coordinating a personalized financial plan including budgeting, debt reduction, savings and investments.
  • Accessing financial services.
  • Connecting you with housing programs.
  • Connecting you with income supports and tax assistance.

How Can I Become a Member?
To qualify you must have a goal and be ready to make a plan to achieve it. Members are expected to make long-term plans with their Prosperity Planner and to work hard to implement them.

Become a member of the Prosperity Center!

Call 541-431-3332 or visit the Prosperity Center at 855 Seneca Road, Eugene, OR 97402

SafeLink Wireless
The Free Cell Phone and Minutes Program for Income Eligible.
You may qualify if you participate in programs such as Food Stamps or Medicaid.

SAFELINK WIRELESS® service is a program for Income eligible households provided by TracFone Wireless, Inc. In order to participate in the SAFELINK WIRELESS® service, persons must meet certain eligibility requirements set by each State where the service is to be provided. These requirements are based on a person’s participation in a state or Federal support programs or by meeting the Income Poverty Guidelines as defined by the U.S. Government. SAFELINK WIRELESS® service is limited to one person per household. 

Click here to sign up 

Click here for more information about SafeLink Wireless. To sign up online, click here and enter Enrollment Code: GW10065000

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